Maatregelen in Grimbergen n.a.v. coronavirus

Naar aanleiding van het coronavirus gelden in Grimbergen een aantal maatregelen.

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Grimbergen Helpt

Gemeentelijke rubrieken

Prinsenbos with castle

The “Prinsenkasteel” (castle) was the residence of the “Lords of Grimbergen”.
It was named after Filip Frans of Bergen. The only remainders of this princely
domain are the park and the castle-ruins Only the “Donjon” in the south-west
corner and a round cornertower in the nort-west connected by the western
façade, remain. Due to the restoration of the “Donjon” in 1996 visitors get an
idea of what the “Prinsenkasteel” must have looked like. The former castle
moat has now become a pond.

Address: Prinsenbos, 1850 Grimbergen